Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The keywords are most important keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which make it possible for users to find a website through search engines.  A well optimized website will bring comparatively good responses for the keywords.  The responses from potential visitors towards right keywords will help in connecting the website with potential customers.


In other words, it is important to understand how people are searching for products, services or information they need.  It is required for websites to appear in the top results on the search result page for the target audiences.


Implementing quality keywords will have positive impact in improving website rank.  The most important step in any SEO is developing a list of keywords and link these directly to search marketing campaigns.  With quality keywords a lot of time is saved and the website will become relevant to the targeted search audience.


How to Upgrade Keywords in SEO

The most common mistakes done by the search marketers while selecting keywords for SEO are given below:

  • Doing one time SEO keyword research.
  • Ignoring Google updates.
  • Targeting specific keywords and not expanding keywords.
  • Relying a lot on third party keyword suggestion tools, which offer same keywords to many websites.  That means most of the websites use the same keywords.
  • Trying to target highly competitive head terms that reveal no intent.


Conducting keyword research for SEO is important for developing a successful search marketing campaign.  The various techniques used to do this are:


1.     Keyword Research 

While using Google AdWords tools for keyword research, top priority is given to the following metrics:

a)      Keywords with lower ranking in competition – helpful in easily optimizing keywords.

b)       Keywords with higher average monthly searches – for getting higher search volumes with suitable keywords.

For example, for the search term chocolate wedding cakes, the raking competition and average search volume, both are low.  When this keyword is modified to wedding cakes, then the search volume is high and competition is medium.

SEO - better keyword search match 1


2.     Analysis

After Keyword research, we need to perform suitable analysis to bring out matched keyword to shortlist those keywords which may get good responses.  The keywords need to be analyzed through Google Analytics and webmaster tools to identify right keywords with good responses which are relevant for the website. The data from Google Analytics, as shown below, will provide those keywords which respond to the website.

SEO - better keyword search match 2

3.     Keyword Response

After the analysis of keyword in Google Analysis and webmaster tools, it is required to check the response of these keywords in Google Trends based on location.

SEO - better keyword search match 3

4.     Organic Search

Keyword density tool is one of the important tools for SEO content creation.  This tool makes it easy to keep track of where the keywords are inserted in the content, while suggesting use of additional keyword variations.  Keyword density between 2-3% is best for SEO Purpose.  Using more keywords on a webpage may be considered as spam.

SEO - better keyword search match 4


When web pages are optimized more emphasis ought to be given to keyword relevance than keyword density in SEO.

For Example, while optimizing a webpage for the keywords Costume hire the following points as given below must be considered:

  • Using the keyword in the title of the page.
  • Using the keyword in the URL (example –
  • Using the keyword and their variations (example – costume hire Sydney) throughout the page copy.
  • Using the keyword in the Meta Keywords, especially the Meta Description. 
  • Using the keyword in any image file paths and in the images’ alt text.
  • Using the keyword as the anchor text in back links to the page from anywhere on the website.