Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay–Per–Click (PPC) advertising is revenue stream branch in Search Engines as well as Social Media Platforms. When a web user enters a search term into a search engine the information related to the search term in that specific search process. This prompted search engine or social media platforms to place ads along with such information. The advertisers that put up the ads pay for the ad when a user clicks on the ad – thus the name pay per click ads. Pay per Click advertising gives marketers an effective means to target extremely specific niches as never before.


1. Define Your Objectives

The most critical aspect of managing a successful PPC campaign is meticulous planning and goal setting. Your entire PPC campaign is contingent upon the objectives you want to accomplish and the degree to which you have prepared for them.

2. Determine the Most Effective Keywords

Our entire PPC campaign consists of keywords, therefore expanding, and refining their Keyword list is necessary. It will assist in expanding the reach of your PPC ads by using relevant keywords for your company.

3. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are non-converting keywords. They are highlighted to increase marketing relevancy and minimise wasted expenditure.

4. Split Ad Groups

Improve your click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score by segmenting your ad groups into smaller, more focused ad groups. This enables you to build more customised ad text and landing pages.

5.Refine Landing Pages

Align your landing pages' content and calls-to-action (CTAs) with search queries to improve conversion rates. Avoid funnelling all the traffic to the same page.

6. Optimise Your Bids

It is essential to evaluate and optimise the ad's performance on a regular basis. Your maximum bid should be sufficiently high to ensure that your advertisements appear for highly ranked keywords. Simultaneously, review expensive, underperforming keywords and remove them as required.

AdsOnSearches Services

Pay per Click advertising enables advertisers to target specific potential customers. Also, the Pay per Click ad is displayed during the time wherein the potential customer is actively looking for that specific item. Advertisers have never had access to this combination of directness and timeliness. PPC campaigns that are rightly planned, and maintained will be very lucrative.

Creating and managing a successful PPC advertisement requires an experienced Analyst. AdsOnSearches' Google certified PPC Analysts could effectively manage your Pay per Click advertising campaigns. Keyword research services play a vital role in building effective PPC campaigns, and AdsOnSearches can help there too.

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