Facebook Audience Network (FAN)- An Efficient Way to Reach your Audience

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a new method to advertise in the online media.  It follows the Facebook targeting mode and let users extend their ad campaign beyond Facebook to reach audiences on mobile apps, mobile websites and videos. Audience Network enables your ads to reach people at right time and the right place.

Facebook Audience Network (FAN)

Ad objectives, Formats, and Ad types

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is the right platform if the ad objectives is any one or more of the following.

  • To increase traffic
  • To improve Website conversions,
  • To encourage Mobile App Installs,
  • To increase user engagement,
  • For product catalog sales and video views.

The ads created on Facebook for News feed will also be delivered to Audience Network.  These ads are then converted into different formats that such as Desktop, Native, Banner, Interstitial, or Video ads on a growing number of Facebook-approved publishers.

It provides the same people based targeting option on Facebook to control the delivery of ads.  The same targeting options they can choose from are Core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Look alike Audiences. Also, it provides the same measurement tools available on Facebook to track the performance of ad campaigns. One can measure and compare performance in Audience Network along with how your ads are doing on Instagram, Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, and Desktop right column.

Scale your campaign

Facebook provides the same available creative for campaign to deliver on an Audience Network publisher in Native, Banner, Interstitial, or Video formats.  The uploaded ad format(s) will be automatically converted to the Audience Network format.

Facebook Audience Network provides the following features:

Mobile App Installs – User can show new customers ads along with call to action such as Install. Clicking on the call to action will take customer directly to the App Store/Google Play to download the app.

Mobile App Engagement – Advertisers can show the existing customers their ads with call to action such as Shop Now. Once the customer clicks on the call to action it will land him to another page specific page for shopping.

Clicks to Website – Advertiser can take the customers to specific landing page when they click on the ad.

Video Views – In-stream ads will appear within pre-roll, mid-roll & post-roll placements on third party apps and sites across mobile and desktop.

Website Conversion – Advertisers can optimize their ad specific to their need so people can take those specific actions.

Product Catalog Sales It enables the advertiser to show people relevant and timely ads based on the products customers have viewed the advertiser’s website or app.

How to deliver Ads in Audience Network

  • When the ads are created using Ads Create Tool, in Power Editor or in API, one ad objective to be selected. Mobile Feed placement option need to be selected to deliver in Audience Network.
  • If the advertiser wants to select video views as objective, then mobile Feed and Audience Network need to be selected.
  • Advertiser can preview their creative in all placements they have selected and can place order.


The Audience network is more like Google Display Network where you place your ads onto millions of apps, websites to reach out to the audience who don’t spend time on Facebook. While the traffic is cheap, it is critical to evaluate the traffic sources and get the best buck for your Investment.