What you need to know About ‘Twitter-Social Media’ 2017

Twitter328 million active users, 208 average twitter follower, 100 million daily active users and over 10 million tweets later Twitter has established itself as a critical media for social media marketing promotion.  The users of Twitter are highly educated in comparison to other social media platforms.  About 83% of the world leaders use Twitter, its unique balance of business and personal use has makes Twitter different from other social media marketing forums.

Twitter is short message communication tool where people can send out messages up to 140 characters long to people who subscribe you; it can include a link to web content like blog post, PDF document, website link, photograph or video.

Twitter is a great tool to drive traffic for your website.  You can add a link to your tweet., Twitter tools enable users to shorten web address using URL shortener.  Also, you can add your Twitter account information to social media account information on your website or blog.  You can add a timeline of your Twitter messages to your website and blog; it provides widgets that allow you to share a tweet time line on your website or blogWebsite visitors can see your tweet and helps getting double exposure from the same effort but make sure that tweet you share should contribute to your business story.  You can make it easier to share your website and blog content on twitter through several ways, you can add a Tweet this button on your blog and website page, including a tweet button from twitter.  This allows your visitors to easily write a tweet about your content and share it with their followers.  By embedding a tweet you can move the Twitter conversation to your blog or website, the user can select any tweet and insert it into a blog post, for example.  By embedding the tweet, you allow people who visit your blog post to jump into the Twitter conversation.

Twitter allows you to setup push notification to your smart phones so you know when selected activities happen on for example people mention you, someone re-tweets or favorites a tweet you sent and get a new follower.  A speedy response is best and twitter makes its easier with push notifications.  Share photographs through smartphones and desktop as people like photograph.  Twitter integrates into your smartphone’s camera roll.  This allows you to easily share photos you have taken with your Twitter followers.

In addition, you can create a separate list for customers, potential customers, people who inspire you etc.  It allows you to see the tweets from the list members as a separate Twitter timeline.  You can create one or many list and you can also make your list public or private.  A hashtag pulls together larger number of people, you can hashtag people who are non-followers and can begin tweets on topics of similar interest.  Twitter helps you reach across boundaries you can follow any person from anywhere.  The total number of people who uses Twitter outside USA is 250 million and around 79% of Twitter users are located outside USA.