Best strategy to get LinkedIn profile ranked highly

The best way to optimize LinkedIn Profile is to use the right keywords.  Inserting these as often as possible in the profile might be helpful.  It is better to list out as many possible keywords and phrases.  Below are few tips on optimizing Linkedin profile.


Tagline:  This can be made more unique, memorable and can also include relevant keywords.


Summary, experience, and skills:   Being thorough and including all relevant past employers as well as any organizations with which you have been involved is good.  Making sure the employment dates are accurate and job descriptions include all relevant activities and skills will benefit.


Recommendations:  Employer and volunteer experience demonstrate breadth of experience in the form of powerful peer recommendations. To get at least one of recommendation per job helps in building the professional profile in excellent way.


LinkedIn Endorsements: Is this paid enough attention? LinkedIn allows users to endorse other people and suggests skills to endorse them. It is almost as simple as liking a post or a page on Facebook and it is not required to know much about the person they are endorsing.  The endorsements received will be listed on the user’s profile in a section called Skills & Expertise. It is the section of the profile which is listed under Experience and above Education.


URLs:  Include three relevant websites (personal or professional blog, social profiles or current employer) and optimize the anchor text. This can also include Twitter profile and claiming public profile vanity URL works better.


Additional information:  By adding user interests might be beneficial because some employers or prospects look for shared interests through which they can create a connection.  Adding skills tags to the profile helps too.  It is also possible to include any honours or awards received by the user or on behalf of an employer.


Personally the user can welcome and acknowledge through the profile for all new connections and a video can be added to the profile to make it live.



This article was written by Umesh Raj, Senior Analyst (Digital Marketing) working with DART.