Best way to get a Facebook account highly ranked from Google?


By engaging more on the Facebook page will help in improving the page rank from Google.  Generally, pages with more likes usually get high Google rank.  In fact, it is not the likes which matter but the way in which the page engages other participants in FB.  When there is more activity and discussion on the Facebook page, it is likely to get more number of likes.  However, likes are not the only methods to rank higher in Google.


Personal Accounts

  • The first step is to create a personal page to fully engage and leverage Facebook’s features.
  • Personal profiles have Friends, who are added from mutual acceptance after sending friend request.


Business Accounts

  • There are many reasons for a company or business to engage in Facebook. Good thing about Facebook is that it helps in building the brand identity with all its features like Events, Groups, Marketplace, Targeted Ads and Pages. All these features give a company an opportunity to build a page that is centered towards a specific topic or product/service.
  • Business organizations can use Facebook for specific purposes like having interactions with their followers and update valuable timely feedback on their products or services. In a nutshell, Facebook is ideal for a business or company to directly market the products and connect with customers.
  • Anyone can become a fan of Facebook Page without getting approval from administrator in Business Accounts.


How to promote a Facebook page?


Creating an engaging page

The first step is to create an engaging page.  Thereafter, applications like the discussion board can be used to add more interesting and engaging content to the Page.  It is good to initiate a reason for users to become a fan of the Page and thus engage with the brand.


Utilizing viral nature of Facebook

The added benefit of creating a page is that, every time a fan engages with the page that activity is published to the news feed on their personal page which is seen by their friends on Facebook.  As and when a user first logs into Facebook, they see a feed of their friend’s recent activity. Each and every activity of the brand’s fans on the page gets shared with a greater network, which results in increasing the business visibility.


Connect with existing network 

Most fans are likely to become regular email subscribers and blog readers. Telling fans about the Facebook page through email or blogs will give them a chance to follow the brand’s page. This can be done by emailing opt-in mailing list by including a link to your page in the email signature. Also it is possible to connect by blogging about Facebook page, posting a link or badge to the page on the website or blog.


Making the page publicly searchable

By default, the Page will be available for public so that it can get indexed by search engines and give the page an opportunity to attract organic search traffic.  If the page is not showing up in searches, it is required to make sure that it has been set to be publicly indexed and searchable. When this happens, setting can be changed by visiting Edit Page > Settings, in here it is required to select Published (publicly visible) option.


Using Facebook Ads for an extra push

Facebook ads allow the brand to be advertised or to promote their website and other things like pages, events or groups.  If the company is familiar in working with Google Adwords, then the system for building and running ads on Facebook is very similar.



This article was written by Umesh Raj, Senior Analyst (Digital Marketing) working with DART.