Getting Started With Email Marketing – MailChimp


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MailChimp is a popular tool used in e-mail marketing campaign to send bulk mails. Being user friendly tool it is helpful in managing subscriptions of people interested in the organization’s works.


In the free version of the tool the user with 2,000 or fewer subscribers can send 12,000 emails for free every month. The auto responder feature is not available with this version, but is available with other paid versions.


How MailChimp Works

E-mail subscriptions can be made through sign up forms allowing followers to subscribe and unsubscribe. The campaign can be set up with the collected marketing list using templates available from the tool or a standard template can be customized to user’s choice, the template itself being re-usable.

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Here the management of campaigns can be done by creating lists, designing forms and sending campaigns. For every menu option there is an information link available, which helps the user understand about the option clearly.

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Creating a Subscriber List

A list must be created before the user can send their first campaign or create a subscription form on their website. Email addresses can be manually added or imported, but people need to opt-in or subscribe to the campaign.


The created list can be imported via CSV, XLS, Text, Yahoo and many more places.


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Designing/ Editing Template

  1. To select a template the user needs to enter the Dashboard>Campaigns>My template and choose an appropriate template from the available list.
  2. The template can be edited to meet user needs like inserting picture, text, social icons and many more.
  3. Changes can be done in either Code view or Design View.MailChimp guide 5
  4. Once changes have been made the template can be previewed by selecting the pop-up preview mode and the user can also send a test mail for more detailed view.

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Tracking and analyzing the number of clicks is very essential. This can be done by generating reports, which uses Open Ratio (Open Rate) method to track the click rate.

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MailChimp can be integrated in many of the platforms like WordPress, PHP, E-Commerce to handle automated reply and Email Capture.



MailChimp is very useful to track sales for e-commerce websites through e-mail marketing services. This can be tracked from the first URL click by the search seeker all the way to purchase.


MailChimp is a beneficial third-party marketing platform. This tool is good to communicate all of the company’s latest information in a fast and efficient manner to customers.





This article was written by Baskar, IT Analyst with Dart.