Will Ad Extensions Boost CTR in PPC Account Performance

 AdsOnSearches Report on Methods to Boost AdWords Account Performance

This is in continuation of the previous month’s discussion on how Sitelink, Call outs and Call Extensions can be created and help in boosting the CTR of PPC accounts.  Today, we will be covering some additional extensions so that you can apply them when they are appropriate to your account.

Seller Ratings Extension

Seller rating extension records a 5 star rating directly below the display URL within your Adwords Ads. The quantity of stars connected with your item or service is focused around a gathering of audit information got from outsider survey destinations. If you happen to receive ratings on an average 3.5 stars or above that Google trusts, then you can have the stars shown next to your Adwords ads.

You can’t drive this augmentation to show.  On the off chance that you are an e-commerce site, go to Google Shopping, take a gander at where your rivals are getting audits, and afterward get surveys on those same destinations. Reviews can also show up for local companies, and are taken from reliable local sources; such as Google Local or Google Plus.


Social Extension

 The social extension demonstrates what number of individuals are taking after your brand’s page on Google Plus.  To utilize this expansion, you should first make a Google Plus page and after that associate it to your Adwords account.


Review Extension

 The review extension demonstrates an third party review inside your promotion.  The review must show up on a solid third party site.  You can then put a piece of the audit inside your notice.  Google does survey these reviews nearly, so after you submit the extension, you will need to continue verifying whether it is sanction or not.


App Extension

The app extension is solely for companies that offer smartphone applications.  With this extension, you can feature your app on the devices in which your app can be introduced.


These are the primary expansions accessible today.  Most accounts used to be utilizing sitelinks benefits, yet a great commercial can contain a few expansions in the meantime.

Pick no less than one and conceivably three to four separate extensions to incorporate with your advertisements.  By utilizing ad extensions, you will frequently see higher CTR and conversion rates since your advertisement can pass on more data to the searcher about your items and services.

This article is written by Abilash from AdsOnSearches.  He can be reached at abilash@adsonsearchs.com