Twitter is a "micro‐blogging" service where one can post short updates limited to 140 characters or less. It is a sort of rapid-fire, concise information stream from many, many people. Twitter is a useful communication tool which allows interaction with people around the world in three distinct ways:

  • * Short message to many people publicly.
  • * Short message to a specific person publicly.
  • * Short message to a specific person privately.

Twitter is a relationship building and relationship maintenance tool; the most obvious business use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads. Twitter is a method of creating marketing campaigns that pull people to a business by offering the public useful information, tools and resources, thus attracting people to products or services.

The Benefits of a Twitter Presence

One can create a company page in Twitter and promote it for free. There are paid forms of promotion available with Twitter as well. Twitter can be used to develop and promote a brand, interact with customers, follow what people say about the company, create a buzz around upcoming events, help individual employees to act as liaisons to the public, promote other content including webinars blog posts or podcasts, and to develop direct relationships with bloggers and journalists for potential PR placement.

AdsOnSearches Twitter Services

AdsOnSearches helps businesses place ads in Twitter, connect with potential clients based on specific market characteristics. We are able to follow potential customers based on geography and user profile. We work to disseminate product or service information on a periodic basis and help your business reach wider audiences via news updates, posts, tweets, and other relevant information. These efforts help to drive more traffic, and ensure a continuous flow of cost-effective, qualified leads.

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