Case Study - AdWords Management

Pay–Per–Click (PPC) advertising lets advertisers reach potential customers directly. PPC allows information related to the search term entered into a web browser by the user to be returned. In addition, on the right side of the page, ads that are related to the search term are displayed. PPC advertising gives marketers an effective means to target very specific niches. Properly designed and managed PPC campaigns can be enormously profitable.


There are instances where ad agencies are flooded with assignments and look for competent service providers to shoulder part of their work, especially those related to online promotion. PPC is one such service where you to be competent enough to perform day to day account management. Our client is an Australia based ads firm that needed a partner to carry out specific requirements of their clients especially in PPC campaigns.


DART responded to the request of the Ad Agency and took up the assignment. DART Analysts studied the requirements and prepared a strategy document to promote the product through PPC campaigns. Ad groups were built within each campaign and targeted ads were written for specific audiences within each group. Related keywords were added and optimized per Google guidelines.After the initial campaign was developed, DART continued to refine the campaign based on client’s ads goals. One of the first things DART did was to focus on a particular campaign for this client and break down their keywords into more specific ad groups. After setting and fine tuning the search ads, DART set up display ads with graphics to draw more customer attention to these unique products.





DART’s AdWords Services

DART helps clients set up themed ad groups, perform keyword research and set up optimized campaigns. During the process we perform ads/keyword optimization, set up conversion tracking, and create text and image ads based on performing keywords. Details of our partnership can be found at https://; idtf=09893822702157207051;

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