Woopra Platform: User friendly Tool for Website Optimization

Woopra platform is one of the powerful tools used to track website traffic.  This tool tracks the website visitors and assesses their movement on various pages of the website.  This is helpful for website owners to find out what isl working for the website.


The major benefits of this effective tool are:

  • Help in optimization of the website
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Analyzing visitors
  • Measure the conversion of Social Media promotion

This application with real time features give effective analytics results of the website. With attractive and user-friendly package features, Woopra is easy to use.

Woopra platform 1

Woopra’s Live Dashboard makes it possible for us to monitor live updates of everything that is happening on the website.  Live visitors on the website can be monitored with their browsing of different pages on the website.  The Dashboard also gives details about number of people currently on the website, a graph depicting number of visitors through the day, the search terms that people use, the pages that are being viewed, the referring sites and in which the country the visitors are viewing from.  It is also possible to track the visitor’s IP address, browser information, their last action and their navigation path.  Woopra also gives the information about visitor’s profile and also offers live chat.

Woopra platform 2

Woopra’s Campaign Tracking can be used to improve the process of discovering the marketing channels that are performing the best or the worst.  With this tool it is also possible to compare two advertising campaigns, evaluate social media marketing initiatives and increase the ROI.



 Benefits of Woopra tool for campaign optimization:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of every page

It becomes fast and easy in updating about the website to know how visitors are browsing and at which point they are leaving the website by using Woopra’s Navigation Path.  Improvements can be done on the landing pages, blogs, or an action such as liking the brand’s Facebook page can be implemented.


  • Attractive and User friendly platformWoopra platform 3

The tool has attractive and user-friendly platform.  It is easy to use and understand Woopra  real-time analytics along with the feasibility of customer engagement.  Woopra is specially designed for marketer, developer, small business owner to use it easily without any programming knowledge.