Keyword Match Types – Exact Match, Phrase Match and Negative Keywords How does the Match Type Influence PPC Account Performance?

Exact match option gives you total control of the keywords and clicks. Probably, this match will result in comparatively lesser impressions and fewer clicks . No worry about wasting clicks on irrelevant keywords and searches. Once we modify keyword with square brackets around it the keyword will take a new shape in the form of Exact Match as given below;

                [buy formal shoes]

Ads connected to this keyword will now only show when people key in this exact keyword phrase verbatim. If a person searching enters keyword phrase that includes any other words before, after, or in between, you ads won’t show.

               Buy formal shoes

But it won’t show for any of these

              Buy formal shoes online

              Formal shoes buy

             Black formal shoes

             Formal black shoes

You avoid wasted impressions at the expense of missed opportunities. Although it’s an amazing match type, you may increase rise in price of keywords in specific industries such as Insurance, where cpc can skyrocket due to fierce competition.

Next is Phrase match. Once you modify keyword in straight quotation marks the keyword has taken new dimension. The power and velocity of the keyword changes drastically. The users can find your ad when they key in the keyword in that precise order, but your ad will also display if they type in additional words before or after.

        “buy formal shoes”

 With this keyword your ad will show for all of the following searches.

Formal shoes

Buy formal shoes

Formal shoes buy

Purchase formal shoes

Buy formal shoes online

However, it won’t show for searches that insert anything in between the keywords or use them in a different order. For example

Shoes forma

Formal black shoes

Buy formal work shoes

Formal mens shoes

Phrase Match is useful because you get more impressions than with the exact match, but you still retain a level of accuracy.


Negative keywords are for the most part much easier to understand than other parts of AdWords. A negative keyword, also called an excluding keyword, will exclude your ads from being shown if the negative keyword is a part of the user’s search phrase. The results of adding negative keywords are as follows.

  1. You must prohibit keywords that don’t change over.
  1. You must prohibit searches that have almost no shots of getting clicks

Negative keywords, needs to be added to almost all campaigns. These negative keywords will exclude searches that are never intended to click on ads, but look for things in the organic search results. These keywords to be developed based on the intention of each campaign. If you are promoting a job site then definitely you need to add the keywords – jobs, career etc. However, if you are selling products or services not related to job then you need to list such keyword as negative keyword

Keywords are the foundation of a strong AdWords strategy, but they’re only the starting point. Don’t obsess over building the perfect keyword list for your campaigns. The keyword list you have twelve months from now will probably look nothing like the one you have today. After you have spent a few months eliminating ineffective or costly keywords, finding variations of the winners and reviewing your search query reports to see how searches are changing, your keyword list will have grown and evolved into something far more interesting, finely targeted, and profitable.


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