How to Link Facebook Ads with Objectives? Overview of Facebook Ads and Objectives

Facebook Advertising is quite easy to set up.   However, to bring success to campaign it is important to tag the campaign with right objectives.  Your selection of right campaign objective will have a big impact on the campaign performance.

There are multiple advertising objectives as defined in Facebook a social media platform to help advertisers to their business goals.  For example, if you want to show your website to people interested in buying a product then you need to create ads that encourage people to visit your website and take next buying action.

Facebook ads are shown to users based on their activity across Facebook.  A few such criteria are as given below;

    • Pages you and your friends like- Facebook keeps an eye on each user and their friends to know more about the individuals which helps them to display the ads suitably
    • Information from your Facebook and Instagram profile- Most of the Instagram accounts are linked to their Facebook which helps to know their interests. Based on this information Facebook displays the ads to their users
    • Places you check in using Facebook- Whenever the user is checked-in to a particular place through Facebook, it would suggest different places similar to the previously checked-in locations whenever needed

How to Link Facebook Ads with Objectives? Overview of Facebook Ads and Objectives

Facebook devised an algorithm which helps advertisers to fine tune their campaign based on objectives and Facebook place ads accordingly.  Here is an overview of such objectives

  • Brand awareness: This objective increases the awareness of the particular brand by reaching to the people who are interested in it
  • Reach: Here the objective is to reach to the people without any targets
  • Traffic: Here the users are diverted to the particular destination once they clicked the link
  • Engagement: This objective is designed so that people engage in your posts which help you promote your page, boost your posts etc
  • Lead generation: This objective is used to collect the information who are interested in your business
  • Conversation: The objective of this is to valuable information in your website or app such as purchasing details

Before setting up the campaign define the goal and set campaign objectives to meet the defined goal.  This will help to get better RoI in your Facebook ads.