How to Increase Page Likes or Followers on Facebook? A few Tips for Effective Facebook Page Management


Growing Facebook Likes and Followers are social media’s version of popularity of your page.  It further helps in building up email subscribers list.  Generally, it is believed that Facebook subscription is twice as effective as an email list.  According to market information, 50% of all Facebook users login to Facebook every day.

Why to increase more Facebook likes?

In social media marketing campaigns, targeting and attracting right audience build up brand Most of small businesses are using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers.  Higher Likes on Facebook page is an indication that the page is attracting traffic which ultimately brings more selling of your services or products. This is also an indication about the trust of your brand since your social media page signifies your brand, which will be really helpful in the long term.

Some minor actions and tricks from your side may increase Facebook likes for the page which are listed below

Needs of audience

By posting the content that meets the needs of your audience help you to improve your page.  If the periodical posts are interesting then the page will attract more Likes.

Keeping posts short and sweet

Audience may not have patience to read long story in Facebook.  Keeping short posts and clear may result in the higher engagement.

Using of relevant keywords

By using relevant keywords in post can attract new audience about page and brand.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are good way to attract new audience.  Best strategy is to use hashtags for important words and trending topics when posting the content.

Using Images

Using relevant images as a part of regular content is another methods to increase engagement and reach of post.

Use of URL

It is better to post URL of a product page or marker’s webpage along with post content.  It may result for traffic to respective page.  The URL of the page should be lesser.  With the usage of Bigly we can shorten the URL.

Time of the posting

Before posting the content, It is better to know the time when will be the audience are active in Facebook.  By posting the content at suitable time may increase in highest engagement with audience.

Tag of other pages or people in posts

When other pages or people tagged in your posts, such posts will appear on their wall, and it may result in interest of those pages’ owners, audience and friends.

Posting Regularly

Posting regularly useful and relevant content in posts can attract new visitors and audience.  Furthermore, it may will assisting in increasing traffic to webpage from new and existing audience.

Engaging with other pages

Engaging with other pages like competitors or similar pages regularly by liking or commenting in response to their posts can attract audience of those pages also.

Regular visit to Facebook Insights

Regularly visit to Facebook Insights to find out which content is working with audience.  Finding the posts that have received the most engagement and highest reach, and sharing these types of content more often.

Connect with us on Facebook

By Including “Connect with us on Facebook” link on website’s contact or help page can drive traffic to Facebook page from website.