Facebook Ads -7 Steps to Follow for Setting Up Your FB Ads

Facebook has always been the easiest platform to remain connected with the people.  Facebook turned out to the apt solution for selling ideas, brand promotion or connecting with the fans, and more.  If one is not really ready for paid social ads, there are options for free ads in FB which too work well. Here are the seven steps while you move to paid ads in FB – simple steps to start with any kind of Facebook Ads.


  • Decide on which Editor you are going to work on:

Basically there are two types of tools: the Power Editor and the Ads Manager and the choice is yours on which you are comfortable with.  However for the beginners Power Editor is good.  Once you become well-versed with the tool you can even go for Ads Manager.

  • Choose your Objective:

Before Advertising, of course you need choose the aim of your campaign.  On the advertising tool you will get a menu listed having nearly 10 options from where you will need to select the objective.  These options are listed so that you get the better idea on what you are going to create the ad.

  • Choose your Audience:

The targeted mass which you are going to select depends on the motto of your campaign.  If you are targeting a specific set of people then consider your objective while selecting the audience,  and if you are looking for a brand promotion just focus on the general public

  • Budget Setting:

Advertisers can set their budget as well.  You will be offered two options-Daily budget and Lifetime budget.  Either you may want to run your ads continuously all through the day then daily budget is the right option which you need to set for your ads or you may want your ads to run for a specified period then go for the lifetime budget option.  Facebook will keep the track of your spending based on which budget option you choose.

  • Schedule your Ad:

You may choose to run your ads immediately or you can set its start date and end date.  So the choice is yours.

  • Create Ad:   

After setting all these metrics you are ready to create your ad.  You have two options here.  Either you may want your ads in Links or Carousel.  Ads in Links are displayed having a single image and the ads in Carousel are displayed having scrollable multiple images.  Choose it and then you need to adhere to certain Facebook criteria.  Single image links will have options like

  1. Text-90 characters
  2. Link Title-25 characters
  3. Image Ratio-2:1
  4. Image Size-  1200*627

For multiple image Ads, criteria’s are:

  1. Text-90 characters
  2. Headings-40 characters
  3. Recommended image size-600*600 pixels
  4. Image Ratio-1:1
  5. Headline-40 characters

So here you are with your Ad.

Now you will be asked the kind of display you want for your Ad.  You may choose Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed or Desktop Right column.

  • Measure your performance:

Facebook offers us some sort of metrics to analyze your Ads performance.  Go to the ‘Insights’ option on the top navigation.  You will get list of options there.

  1. Overview-This tab will consist of options-page like, post reach and overall performance.
  2. Likes-This option gives you the display of your followers or fans.
  3. Reach-Here you will able to see the traffic of visitors reaching your Page every day.
  4. Visits-This tab shows from where the people are coming from on Facebook.
  •  Conclusion:

Once you have setup, placed your budget, and working Credit Card, you are all good to go.  Make sure to regularly optimize the campaigns based on your objectives, and tweak wherever necessary.