Benefits of setting up Facebook Business Channel – Overview of Facebook and Product Promotion

Facebook as it has the potential to get customers to your business or product.  Facebook has around 1.9 billion monthly visitors as well as 700 million active users on Instagram.  By interacting with such audience one can explore idea, unleash creativity, and can showcase range of products and sell through it.

Social media is now going beyond the mode of Liking pictures and uploading relationships status.  It is now fast growing market place for online shopping as well.  In fact, one third of online shoppers now look to social media to help them find and buy items, giving head to head competition to business’s own website.

Overview of Facebook and Product Promotion





A Facebook sale channel is a social media sale, and is an ultra-personalized, quick and easy way for your business to introduce your company products into a wider audience.  It’s important that your ecommerce site top easily integrate these various channels for a quick checkout experience to the customers.  Here are the benefits of using Facebook for business purposes;

  1. Facebook is a low-marketing strategy which saves you thousands of dollars compared to other channels. This makes it suitable for small to medium business with a limited marketing budget
  2. Share basic information about your business on the Facebook page and also you can even publicize your business name, address and contact details, and briefly describe your products and services
  3. You can share pictures of your products to attract the customers and to purchase it
  4. Even you can communicate Existing and Potential customers by posting and receiving messages, which will help to increase engagement with customers leading to the long-term relationship
  5. Leads to Brand Awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth by encouraging existing and potential customers to click the “Like” button on your Facebook page. Once they like your page they will receive your updates on their wall, where their friends will also see them
  6. Facebook can also steer traffic to your website since the visitors who are already aware about your product will be motivated to visit your site


One will be able to promote business on Facebook as well as Instagram platform to get quick outcomes and to have brand awareness about your business.