How to increase followers on Google plus: A few Tips to Increase Followers in Twitter and Google+

The present day digital world is closely interlinked with social media, and one can find social media addicts as well.  This has opened up an avenue for marketing experts to focus their guns to promote their products and services through this channel as well.  The recent uprising of social media as promotional tool is an outcome of these phenomena.

However, of late, marketing experts are facing increased competition in this segment, and there are many metrics to measure success in terms of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Followers’, ‘Tweets’ etc.  Among these metrics, ‘Followers’ (for Twitter and Google Plus) is very important to measure success rate.  Thus increasing followers is the first measure of success in  social media marketing.

Google Plus

Here are a few tips to increase followers on Google Plus

  • Try to follow people as many as possible. In social media there are few norms and rules of etiquette.  If you will follow anyone he/she will follow back you.  So by this way you can increase your followers.
  • Join communities as much as possible. Here you can present yourself to many people at a time and will result in increasing followers.
  • Try to post some excellent contents which are related to your page and hot topic in market, in your page.
  • Try to create circle with other profiles and pages. It is an easy way to increase followers in Google Plus.  You can segment people based on location, industry etc.  It will help you to get your target customer.
  • Try to use hash tags. If you will add hash tag to the post, it will enter the stream of particular tag.  If anyone will look for hash tag stream he/she will find the post easily.
  • Try to post some hot current topic, which is viral in the internet. It will attract lot of traffic.
  • Share your post in those communities which you have joined.
  • Create events and invite your followers.
  • Mention other user names in your post. Then who are monitoring those users, they will see your post.  If they will like, they might follow your page also.
  • Invite other users to like your page.
  • Try to build a link to your website. It will give detail information to visitors.

If you will follow the tips mentioned above, it will help you to increase your followers.  As you get more followers you are building up a big network.  As a result, you can engage more traffic toward your page (product related).  Finally, your purpose of advertising through social media will become literally successful.