Facebook Ads : Tips to Target Education Sector for Better RoI – Tips from AdsOnSearches.com

Pay per Click (PPC) Ads have taken multiple dimensions of late. More ads services have emerged targeting different segments. Online ads offered through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram are the recent addition to the PPC platforms. It is a really challenge for a digital marketing agency to identify right platform for each industry to reach out the exact audience.

With over 1.45 Billion active users, Facebook turned out to be the market leader among the Social Networking sites. Business of different sizes and geographies are increasingly using Facebook pages, and now, businesses have started using Facebook ads to build up brand name and generate leads. According to a demographic analysis, both males and females are equally represented in FB. Majority of users fall below the age of 45 even though those above the age group of 45 also use FB quite often according to demographic data.

facebook Advertising

However, those in the 18–24 age range use Facebook quite often compared to other segments according to market info. Further, there are a few more startling facts related to FB and its usage as follows;

• 18- 24 age groups using FB quite often to update status communicate with peers, sharing info and more.
• Facebook was originally shaped for college students, and it has most of the features to attract students.
• 74% of adults who went to college use Facebook.
• 71% of adults with some college experience use Facebook.

The above info throws out a good opportunity for the education segment to use FB ads for promoting their educational courses and services. To confirm the above hypothesis, we did place FB ads for our education segment clients. The return on investment was awesome while placed ads with FB especially for college admission, educational services and more.   Ads were getting enormous response with higher percentage of conversion at a lesser cost per conversion.

We did select Clicks to Website, and carefully selected target segment according to the ads objectives.   We inserted conversion tracking code to track the number of users registered to understand their navigational path. For academic courses with an expected work experience of 2 – 4 years, we targeted audience in the age group of 22 – 27.  While placing ads targeting higher work experience we targeted all possible designations such as CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, and President etc.

Facebook Advertising


Ads need to be split based on placement, and target more on mobile placement. We could find huge influx of clicks and traffic coming from Mobile Users when selected lesser age group. We placed bids between 0.35 – 0.50 cents. And performed ads testing to find out winner Ad Copy by Inserting New images, Titles, Description and Call to Action – “Sign up Now”, “Learn More”.

Thus, the real challenge in social media promotion is to align your ads with the right target, and one can leverage the same by defining the right target. With Facebook, one can narrow down their target audience due to its higher features. FB database has more info about users, and have wide spectrum of profiling of their users compared to other PPC platforms.  Defining your target and matching the same with right ads is the secret of success in FB ads.