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Case Study

Case Study - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - New York based Online Retailer

The New York based online retailer spent hours with a lot of SEO magicians before approaching DART. The site was over optimized and client had spent a large amount of money before meeting DARTs’ Analysts. Over the years, the company has become one of the most efficient and reliable nationwide supplier for candles and candle accessories, with a wide selection of scented and unscented candles for all occasions and events.

The company is also a supplier of candle accessories. The site has a wide selection of wedding candle accessories, special wedding candles, floating candles, ball candles and votive candles. The company offers a wide selection of color, themes and prices that can fit any budget and décor. It offers one of the best prices for Highly Scented Candles, Unscented Candles as well Aromatherapy Candles and Candles Holders. Dlightonline.com supplies to churches, hotels and restaurants nationwide.


The client www.dlightonline.com wanted high visibility on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for some of their targeted keywords. Due to past bad experiences, the manufacturer and distributor of premium candles was almost reluctant to listen DART’s claims before initiating the project. DART agreed to offer SEO at a discounted rate for the first three months or till they see results. Their goal was to generate more traffic by ranking more highlysearched competitive terms


DART developed a website specific optimization strategy and implemented the strategy for each of the pages. Each of the products was optimized with relevant keywords and descriptions.

Within a few weeks of implementing our on-page SEO process, the website started showing on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. While searching with the keyword, “Wholesale pillar candles” the site came up in the first page, which was client’s top priority. The site slowly responded to other keywords like “Long burn tea light candles”, “Mega tea light candles”, “Metallic pillar candles”, and “White pillar candles” to yield top searched results. Our SEO resulted in a boost in traffic to the website.

DART’s SEO Services

DART’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service offers a unique set of 45 SEO processes that include competitor analysis, keyword research, optimization of keywords, landing page optimization, and content improvement. The DART team regularly undertakes research to look for better techniques.

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