Case Study - SEM for Dog Training Expert

The client is a Dog Training expert, and offers highly customized dog training programs. The training staff evaluates the dog based on breed, age, attention, attitude, and several other defining characteristics. Thereafter, they create a training program for the dog based on its specific need. The client uses humane, positive, and effective training techniques. Further, the client also trains the dog owners and prides himself on his extensive knowledge on animal behavior. Pinky’s Dog Training has also trained marine mammals including dolphins, sea lions, and whales, and exotic animals such as birds and even reptiles.


Problems wanted to reduce the overall costs of its website promotion, and wanted to improve upon its AdWords campaign. Further, they were also looking to generate more leads through the Google AdWords program. The account was managed by a local Agency, and the cost of monthly spends and cost for ad agency resulted in higher cost of operations. The client was concerned about increased spending with lesser return. Clicks were happening at a higher CPC. The client approached DART to create a more competitive AdWords campaign. They also wanted to achieve an economical ad spend cost.


DART optimized the ads and keywords and adopted DART’s unique optimization methodologies. The team at DART studied the business requirements. The Analysts studied the capacity of the client to serve the calls corresponding to the targeted geography. DART targeted the ads on specified geography with sharper keywords and enticing ads. During the revamp DART Analysts performed keyword research and re-launched the Ad Groups and ad campaigns. During their interaction with the client, DART Analysts understood that the client was more comfortable interacting with the prospective users over the phone rather than over email. Hence the click to call option was added in the campaign. The site was modified further to make it mobile friendly and placed targeted ads through smartphones and mobile devices.


The results after the revamping were amazing. The conversion rate increased which resulted in corresponding decrease in CPC. The conversion tracker was enabled as the campaign started responding to the leads. DART brought qualified leads and increased the conversion rates. The client understood the benefits of Ad- Words and DART managed the account over three years continuously. The success brought more money to the client and the client opened up two more businesses targeting the pet industry.

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DART is a PPC Account Service Provider for Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Ad- Words, and Microsoft Ad Center. A dedicated Analyst team for PPC campaigns includes both technology and domain experts. We help clients set up themed ad groups, and set up keyword optimized ad campaigns. The DART team continuously strives to deliver better services to its clients.

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