Case Study - Social Media Promotion for a Recruitment Firm

A premium provider of international expansion, risk management, and professional employment outsourcing services in 75 countries wanted to test the social media platforms to increase its business lead. The highly skilled team of the company possesses more than a decade of experience in International Expansion Management. The company operates business development centers in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. The company provides personalized services to each of its clients through a single point of contact.


ELLITH wanted DART to handle the social media promotion of their re- launched website. The major task was to build brand awareness amongst their potential clients and to create a large number of followers. The client wanted to enhance their reputation for the business with the help of social media campaigns. The management team had identified the importance of Social media marketing and wanted to implement a more refined process of gaining website traffic or attention through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You tube and other similar platforms.

Social media marketing programs usually focus on creating written content and visual display ads and videos that attract the attention of readers. People share interesting content with their social networks, thus spreading electronic word of mouth messages.


DART launched interactive campaigns on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo to let users know about the client services. The team at DART came up with unique and informative content related to the business. DART Analysts created unique content to make the campaign more interesting. Our Research Analysts performed information sourcing from various platforms like Government organizations, news, related articles and blogs and compiled interesting content to the target audience. DART made an effort to engage with people and to build business relationships with visitors. Here are the screenshots of campaign launched:

DART’s Social Media Services

DART places appropriate message on Twitter and connects with potential clients on Twitter. The team follows potential customers based on geography and user profile. We work to disseminate product or service information on a periodical basis, and help your business reach wider audiences via news updates, posts, tweets, and other relevant information. This effort helps drive more traffic, and ensures a continuous flow of cost-effective, qualified leads.


DWithin one month, we could add a targeted number of followers to the social media platforms. We brought brand awareness, and informed people of upcoming events through social media. DART added a “Contact Us” hyperlink in the client’s Facebook page. With the help of this contact tab we collected many qualified leads for business from various locations. Through this app, visitors are able to contact the company directly via email. DART created the website on the Facebook page. With the help of this, we got an increment in traffic to website. With the help of this app visitors were able to see actual website without leaving Facebook.

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